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Win IPL Fantasy League 2022 with OneTo11

Win IPL Fantasy League 2022 with OneTo11

Over the last decade, the jubilant cries of fantasy league app users have become as thunderous as the lauds in the stadium whenever their favorite player hits a six or is sent back on a zero. And with IPL fantasy league 2022 just around the corner, this excitement is already on the verge of an explosion.

It sure will be a new season of experimenting with a virtual team of 11 and a new round of winning huge prizes with IPL fantasy cricket!  

Podiums to Play IPL Fantasy League 2022

Even though winning on fantasy league apps is a matter of luck, whether you win or only earn back your invested amount depends entirely on your skills. If you want to try your love for the game in the upcoming season of the IPL fantasy premier league, you can credit your account with good money on several platforms besides OneTo11. 

  • OneTo11 
  • Dream11
  • Paytm First Games 
  • MPL 
  • MyTeam11 
  • Howzat 

Download OneTo11 

You can download the OneTo11 IPL fantasy premier league mobile application with a simple click on While the OneTo11 app is available on the App Store for iOS users, iPhone users can download the app using this link – Download OneTo11. They can also download the OneTo11 IPL Fantasy League 2022 directly from the Apple app store. 

Registering on the OneTo11 IPL Fantasy League 2022

An assured sum is guaranteed on the OneTo11 fantasy league app, irrespective of your intelligence quotient or luck.  And the process to register on it is also simple. 

  • You need to enter a valid mobile number to register on the app. 
  • Verifying the mobile number is the next important step. 
  • Once you have successfully registered, create your profile with a valid email id.   
  • Once done, you become legitimate to play in the IPL fantasy league 2022 on the OneTo11 app.

Playing on the OneTo11 IPL Fantasy League 2022

The playing process includes four easy steps.

Select – Choose the match you want to play for.

Create – The team should have 11 players from the list within 100 credit points

Join – Pay the contest fee and enter it with your team 

Monitor – Follow the match closely to gauge your team’s performance

Creating Team on the OneTo11 IPL Fantasy League 2022

Choosing players for your team impulsively may not bring in huge wins. So, create your dream team with perception and wit. The IPL fantasy premier league 2022 has revised its rules regarding the selected number of players.

Wicketkeeper – 1 to 4 

Batsmen – 3 to 6 

Bowlers– 3 to 6 

All-Rounders – 1 to 4 

You can decide the ratio as per your intuition but pay heed that it has to be within the 100 credit given to you. 

Before you begin, you can take caution of the given hacks. They may come in handy, and you may chance upon enormous wins.

  • You cannot have more than 4 overseas players in your team.  The credit limit automatically warns you if you click on the 5th overseas player. 
  • It is desirable to include only one wicketkeeper in your team. Choosing more than one keeper will eat up your credit limit. 
  • The trickiest part is the selection of all-rounders, as they are the winning aces of your team. 
  • Your captain and your vice-captain fetch you maximum points. Choose them sensibly. 

Other playing rules for IPL Fantasy League 2022

Multiple teams 

You can enter the IPL Premier Fantasy league with as many as 11 teams. But you will have to pay a contest fee for every team you register.

Revisions to the team

You can make desired changes in the final lineup of your IPL fantasy premier league team, but only until the first ball of the match is thrown. 

Modifications to the IPL Fantasy League 2022

IPL fantasy premier league has introduced some new booming boosters to help you widen the range of your wins. 

Double up: You can double your points for the match if you use it before the match begins. The booster is especially desirable to rope in the all-rounders. 

Super Transfer Booster: You can make transformations in your team without losing out on the transfer of players. 

Triple Impact: This booster will give you 3x points for players that perform extremely well in the match. Uncapped transfers: The new rule states that the uncapped transfers in IPL fantasy league 2022 will be free. Since these transfers will not be deducted from the pool of total transfers, users will have flexibility in operating and creating their teams.

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