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Fantasy Cricket

Play Fantasy Cricket and Earn Real Money

Our best recreation during the Corona lockdown was lazing around and playing games on the smartphone. Wonder who all became addicted to that routine? I certainly did.

And in the process found something interesting. While on one such scroll, I came across the word fantasy cricket

Now, I wanted to know more. So I searched the web. What I found was intriguing. Also, it made two things clear to me. 

First, fantasy cricket was lucrative, and second, it could be for a lifetime.

Now, what is Fantasy Cricket exactly? 

Well, fantasy cricket is an online game. And we play it by creating a virtual team of real players. However, fantasy cricket aims to win money with our team. Also, we have to pay an entry fee to play it.  

Moreover, fantasy cricket contests run side-by-side to real cricket tournaments. They can be any domestic and international cricket leagues.

With this explained, let us now move to the lucrative aspect of fantasy cricket

How Does Fantasy Cricket Help Us Earn Money? 

Earning from fantasy cricket is easy. But understand a few things before you begin.

First, play fantasy cricket only on a top fantasy cricket app. Generally, these apps run on all smartphones. Next, go through the app’s payout amount and the contests they host. Also, make sure to check the simplicity of processing payments too. 

If you don’t want to go through the burdensome process, you can play it on Oneto11. For, it is the best app currently to play fantasy cricket. I play on Oneto11 as well. Oneto11 includes 75% of the winners, so I call it a winning platform.

Second, refer the app to your friends. Convince them to play a contest as well. You get referral income against it. And it grows with each friend you add to their platform. 

Take Oneto11, for example. I registered on it as a new user. Also, I shared my code with 4 of my friends. But, only 2 played a contest on the app.

The app instantly added those two friends below me. My income increased simultaneously with their increasing network. Currently, I earn a good amount as referral income from Oneto11. 

Oneto11 pays up to 11 referrals, which is unparalleled.  

Let us wrap up the article with some important considerations to keep in mind before you play.

Tips for Fantasy Cricket Beginners 

Fantasy cricket is not luck-based. We have to apply research and skill to our game. 

Our team has to be strong. Stalking the professional profile of real players goes a long way in this. For, it helps include the best players in our team. 

Balancing our team with an exemplary captain and vice-captain is also equally important. 

Lastly, fantasy cricket is also about referrals. Consider it not only a game but also a base to earn for a lifetime. 

All the best for some great earnings!

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