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My Secret Tips to Win Big Rewards in Fantasy League Cricket

Win Big Rewards in Fantasy League Cricket

Building a fantasy cricket league team is not a difficult task. But building a team that stays on the top of the leader board is very challenging. 

When I started, the competition wasn’t as challenging as today. So, it was easier to win good prize money without spending too much time and money. But nowadays, one needs to have good expertise in predicting the performers.

Make Your Hours Spend Watching Cricket into Money

You can convert every moment watching cricket into money. But you need to watch cricket like an expert. Instead of getting emotional and only supporting your team, you need to watch without bias.

  • Analyse the batting and bowling performances carefully
  • Keep the advice of commentators in mind, but use your brain to come up with your next picks
  • Get familiar with different types of pitches

How I Became a Successful Fantasy Premier League Player

Like many others who play fantasy leagues, I started building teams with Dream 11. Initially, it was more for fun and not win money. But when I saw my friends winning good money, I became envious of their success. So, I started concentrating on how to build teams. But still, I wasn’t very successful despite my best efforts.

One day, I saw my friend building his team and saw him checking cricket statistics and the recent form of the players playing the match. I was intrigued to see him going through all the numbers such as bowling stats, average, etc.

Based on what I saw, I also created a plan, and now I am one of the top-ranking players on the leader board. There are some tips that I would like to share with you based on my research:

  • Check out the head-to-head between a player the opposition. For example, in a match between CSK and MI, one should compare the statistics of MS Dhoni against bowlers such as Jaspreet Bumrah. If the stats of the leading batsman against 2 or 3 opposition bowlers are bad, don’t select that batsman irrespective of his stature in the cricket world.
  • Deeply analyse the cricket pitch before making a choice and select players accordingly. For example, if the pitch offers seam and swing, don’t pick the opening batsmen.
  • For white-ball cricket played under lights, always check if there is a likelihood of dew being present on the outfield. If there is going to be dew, choose the top order batsmen of the team batting second as they will find the conditions to be the easiest.

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